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Powłoka drewnopodobna

Wood imitation?

Wood imitation? Aluminum in wood? Yes, it’s possible!
We are the first on the European market to introduce aluminum Grille imitating wood. Thanks to the appropriate technique used during powder coating, we can achieve the effect of wood.

Aluminum or wood

Probably already this year, a new product will go on sale permanently. Aluminum imitating wood. Thanks to advanced technology, you will be able to enjoy a new product that is durable like aluminum and at the same time warm as wood.

SSL certificate

We are pleased to announce that on November 14, 2018 we obtained the SSL security certificate.

What does the green padlock and SSL mean in practice? The SSL certificate certifies the user about the safe side and informs that all data flowing from your computer

Śrutowanie aluminium przed anodowaniem

Shot blasting of aluminum before anodizing

By improving our already amazing products, we introduce additional processing of our profiles. It is a shot blasting of our aluminum profiles, before the anodizing process. Thanks to this method, we have obtained even better quality of our raw material.

Czyszczenie anody

How to clean anodized aluminum

Anodised aluminum in the home is not exposed to corrosion or discoloration to the extent that it is susceptible to weather conditions. Nevertheless, care should be taken to clean the anodised material. The easiest way to get rid of delicate dirt on our grilles for channel heaters is to wipe the surface with a clean, cotton cloth. Before that, it should be soaked with glass cleaner w nowej odsłonie

The new REIKER mobile site

We are pleased to present the new mobile version of Reiker CfC. We know that you liked the existing site, but we also realize that there was a delicate “chaos” on it;)

As of 11/09/2018, we are giving you a new page, tailored to all devices. The site should now be more transparent, clear and quick to find interesting issues. Above all, the material division of products is more readable.

Stainless Steel Grilles

Stainless steel grilles are characterized by the highest strength of all available materials. Therefore, stainless steel grids are installed in public facilities such as offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, car showrooms or, like our last order – in the church.

Kremowa osłona

Aluminum covers powder coated

Aluminum powder coated. Duct heater covers made in this technique have the largest range of colors. They are limited only by the RAL palette, in which there are over 200 colors

Oak grilles in IKEA store

The oak grilles for the channel radiator were installed in the Krakow showroom in the IKEA store. In cooperation with designers, it was possible to incorporate the grills of our production into the room decor. This is another project made for such a large investor

Dystanse z mosiądzu

Brass spacers for wooden grilles

We always try to meet the expectations of customers. Therefore, if any of you have any wishes, please contact us. Recently added novelty (customer idea) are brass spacers used in a wooden grille