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Aluminum or wood

Probably already this year, a new product will go on sale permanently. Aluminum imitating wood. Thanks to advanced technology, you will be able to enjoy a new product that is durable like aluminum and at the same time warm as wood. This solution will satisfy the needs of those customers who are looking for a strong and durable grille, almost ideally suited to the color of the floor.

The grilles tested on our radiators are great and everything indicates that we will start selling this innovative product this year. If any of you are already interested in this solution, please contact us.

This is one of the novelties that we plan to implement for the European market, but we have one more ace in the sleeve, which, without unnecessary testing, will soon be able to reach your hands. We invite you to follow our website, where we will keep you informed about the new products.

There will be 33 different designs available, of which you can certainly choose something for your floor.