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How to clean anodized aluminum

Anodised aluminum in the home is not exposed to corrosion or discoloration to the extent that it is susceptible to weather conditions. Nevertheless, care should be taken to clean the anodised material. The easiest way to get rid of delicate dirt on our grilles for channel heaters is to wipe the surface with a clean, cotton cloth. Before that, it should be soaked with glass cleaner as it is used at home. In particular dark anode colors like black, brown or champagne should be treated with extreme caution. You can also use other detergents with a pH value of 6-8. However, none of these detergents may contain chlorine, as it has a negative effect on the surfaces of the anodized material.

For cleaning heavily soiled aluminum surfaces, you can also use aqueous solvents, thinners or mineral spirits. After this treatment, the anodised surface should be wiped with a different, damp, and above all clean and soft cloth.
Dirt that can not be removed with glass cleaner or solvents can be tried with a milk, eg CIF, but the first tests should be carried out at the spare parts or on the side of the grill which will not be visible. It should be remembered that preparations in the form of milk should be used as a last resort.

Cleaning the anode, anodized aluminum with a non-suitable preparation, milk with too thick grain, a dirty cloth, can cause small scratches on the material. In this situation, as well as in situations where it is impossible to clean the anodized surface, use the spare parts, which Reiker CfC always entrusts to its customers at the first purchase.
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Aluminium anodowane wymaga czyszczenia w celu zapewnienia świeżości i odpowiedniego wyglądu