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The new REIKER mobile site

We are pleased to present the new mobile version of Reiker CfC. We know that you liked the existing site, but we also realize that there was a delicate “chaos” on it;)

As of 11/09/2018, we are giving you a new page, tailored to all devices. The site should now be more transparent, clear and quick to find interesting issues. Above all, the material division of products is more readable. In the mobile version, we make it easier for you to contact us. Now, the CTA (Call to Action) option is available all the time, ie the function of quick contact with us without searching the website. If at any given time you want to talk to us – just press “CALL” on the phone.
The site is run in three languages: Polish, German and English. But because our products are already delivered to 6 countries in the European Union, we do not exclude the introduction of additional languages.

We try to put as many photos as possible, because the gallery makes it easier for you to decide on the color of the mask. Therefore, we invite you to send pictures of the grilles so that subsequent customers can follow your ideas.
We hope that the site will help us communicate which will also speed up the execution of orders.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of products:

Regards, Reiker CfC team 🙂