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Decorative frames / finishing frames / L-type frames

L-type aluminum frames are used primarily to mask dilatation, gap between the floor and the edge of the radiator. Decorative frames are also used in the case of unevenly arranged panels, parquet or floor boards. Depending on the needs of hiding the gaps, we have 4 sizes of frames available: 20x20x2mm, 15x15x1,5mm and NEW: 20x8x1,5mm and 14x10x1,5mm. The last two borders are chamfered.
The frame consists of 4 elements: two long profiles and two short ones. The elements cut at an angle of 45 degrees, after their placement, form a whole. Additionally, the profiles are glued together with 3M double-sided tape, ensuring exact adhesion to level ground.

All L-type frames, we have the same colors in the same colors as grids, so you can buy a complete set: a grid with a finishing frame in the same color. See all available colors: anodized aluminum

Selected aluminum frames are also powder painted in the color of the grille.

L-type frames

L-type frames

Rubber damping strips / leveling rubber / lifting strips

It often happens that despite the efforts of correct installation of the duct heater, unexpected differences in height arise. If the edge of the radiator is lower than the floor, then the original height of the grille will not be maintained. In this case, you can use a higher grille to match the floor. However, it is not always possible. Therefore, Reiker has a better solution: the use of hard rubber belts. Specially selected belts can be purchased from us in various thicknesses: from 1 to 5mm. After applying the appropriate rubber thickness, the grille on the duct heater will be level with the floor. In addition to the height-adjusting properties, the rubber performs a sound-absorbing task that may arise when walking on the grill.


  1. leveling / veneering the grille up to the floor height
  2. suppresses the sounds while walking on the grille
  3. protects the grille against scratches in the place of the backrest on the convector’s frame, thanks to which the grille will be double-sided for a long period of time