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anodised aluminum


  • The construction of the grille is very light and at the same time durable
  • Ideally blends with most floors, including wood or panels
  • The most popular and universal product
  • Variety of colors of the anode (SIX available from the hand of colors)
  • The most popular version of the grids is ROLL – rolled up, but the FIX version also availability
  • Our grilles are the only ones on the market that have perfectly matched distances to the connector (eg a spring), thanks to which all the distances on the grill are in a perfect line (no large clearances)
  • For each anode color you can match decorative frames, dilatation type L: decorative frames


Aluminum grilles is a product that will fit any interior. Available in 6 colors, the anode gives the choice even to the most demanding customers. The basic silver color (SLV) enjoys the greatest success. Imitation of stainless steel INOX (INX) and champagne color (CHA) are the two most exclusive colors. Frequently chosen by both individual clients as well as companies or institutions. The other 3 colors: gold (GLD), black (BLK) and dark-brown (BRN), require individual solutions and matching by courageous designers / designers.
For customers who need a sophisticated color, aluminum grids are also powder coated in any color: powder-coated grilles.

Most of the material on aluminum grilles is stamped on our dies, thanks to which our products are unique and practical in use. Available in two versions: roll-up (ROLL) and rigid (FIX), thanks to which the customer selects the assembly system without any additional payments.


Kolorystyka aluminium anodowanego

Choose one of the six colors of the anode