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Painted aluminum


Powder coating is based on applying powder in the form of an electrostatic or electrokinetic spray, on chemically and mechanically cleaned details (in this case aluminum rungs). Paint particles with electrostatic charge attach themselves to the painted element. Then the material is baked in furnaces at a temperature of about 160-210 ° C, which causes dissolution of the powder and then its curing. Thanks to this, we will make a corrosion-resistant coating, resistant to slight scratches, and what is most important to us – the grilles for a powder-painted is aesthetic and durable.

The main advantages of grilles with varnish coating:

  • Unlimited color palette
  • The construction of the grille is very light and at the same time durable
  • You can choose a grille painted in any color from the RAL palette, maintaining the highest standards painting
  • In addition, on request, it is possible to prepare the mask in special colors,
    on order, eg under the color of window frames


Colors from the RAL palette

  • You can choose any color from the RAL palette
  • Available powder structures: smooth, structure, gloss and matt

Special colors

  • On special request, the grille can be coated with a special powder such as TIGER, IGP, MAGIX or other – most often these are the colors with the addition of silver elements
  • NEW !! We are the first in Europe to offer a wood-like varnish coat, more on the website: