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Shot blasting of aluminum before anodizing

By improving our already amazing products, we introduce additional processing of our profiles. It is a shot blasting of our aluminum profiles, before the anodizing process. Thanks to this method, we have obtained even better quality of our raw material.

What is shot blasting? Aluminum shot blasting is a precise and accurate method of cleaning from the surface of any contamination. This very important treatment also serves to get rid of micro cavities that contribute to the formation of corrosion centers. The shot blasting method also eliminates small longitudinal scratches created as a result of pressing (exit from the die), which scratches are a natural stamping effect / it is not a flaw or material defect.

After such a treatment, the aluminum has a slightly rough, matt coating while obtaining the highest quality decorative surface. Thanks to this method, our grids for channel heaters will serve for very long years. Initially, this method is introduced for 18×10 profiles, which are pressed on our dies. Shot blasting of aluminum before anodizing is available for the following colors: INOX, champagne, gold, dark brown, black – grilles in six colors of the anode

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