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Wooden Trench Heating Grilles


  • Grilles with a natural character
  • It is possible to match the color and type of wood to the wooden floor, parquet, panels
  • The most common choices of our customers are masks made of oak and ash
  • They are all of natural origin and come from reliable suppliers


Wooden grilles are made in three classic types of wood: oak, ash, beech. Due to the hardness and durability of the species, the oak is the most frequently chosen material when it comes to wooden grids. We carry out over 90% of orders in oak, which we can oiling, varnishing and staining on the model of the floor delivered to us (matching the grille to the color of the floor). The standard rung cross-section is 20×14 or 18x14mm. However, in our rich experience, we have made orders for rungs in the smallest cross-section 15x10mm and in the largest: 35x20mm. We invite you to take advantage of the quick quote form: how much does a wooden grill for a channel radiator cost?